Bluebonnet School receives eighth accreditation


Bluebonnet School of Cedar Park, an independent family-owned preschool, was recently awarded an eighth accreditation since its establishment in 2002. 

The preschool has been most recently re-accredited by the NAC (National Accreditation Commission.) 

According to a press release from Bluebonnet School President and Founder Nancy Chick, Bluebonnet has been consecutively accredited and re-accredited by NAC four times, in addition to four accreditations by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) in the last 16 years.

Obtaining accreditation is voluntary; a preschool chooses to demonstrate quality far beyond the minimum standards enforced by the State of Texas. An accredited school indicates a strong and positive educational experience for both parents and children.

“Frequent re-assessment of our procedures by outside agencies keeps us sharp,” said Chick. “Accreditation is a school-wide goal that involves teachers, administrators and parents alike. Everyone is working to make the education and care of children the best it can be.”

Bluebonnet is open year round and serves families with infants up to fourth-graders. The preschool has a partnership with surrounding schools, making for a convenient, quality option for working parents. 

Bluebonnet has many distinguishing features including its own swimming pool, splash pad, age-tailored classrooms, snack and meal times and a rich, interactive curriculum.

According to national standards, accreditation is awarded after a long period of self study of how the accreditation standards are being followed, then comes a rigorous visit from outside validators evaluating compliance, and then consideration and awarding by a national board which examines all the evidence. Validators have many years experience accrediting programs.

The NAC accreditation is part of the Association of Early Learning Leaders, and its principles include family engagement, health and safety, teacher competency, curriculum, interactions between teachers and children, assessment of child development, classroom health and safety and administration standards.

NAEYC is the oldest, largest and most prestigious of national early childhood education accreditations. Over 6,000 child care centers are licensed in Texas, but only 327 are NAEYC accredited and only 172 are accredited by NAC. Bluebonnet School of Cedar Park is the only one in the state that has been accredited by both agencies. For more information about Bluebonnet, visit www.bluebonnetschool.