Cedar Park Council may repeal and replace current zoning ordinances


In an effort to make zoning ordinances more helpful to citizens, the Cedar Park City Council will consider a recommendation from the city's planning and zoning commission to repeal and replace current zoning ordinances.

The planning and zoning commission voted to recommend the city's zoning ordinances be repealed and replaced at its May 16 meeting. If the Cedar Park City Council approves the recommendation, the current ordinances will be replaced by new proposed ordinances.

The city council approved a comprehensive plan to guide growth and future zoning decisions in November of 2014. That effort is still underway and the planning and zoning commission's vote last week is an effort to move it along.

The commission has been seeking citizen input as it works on recommendations for the new ordinances and Zoning Commissioner Eric Boyce expressed his appreciation for the citizen's comments at the meeting. “There is a lot of great, great detail in here, and I appreciate a lot of input from everybody,” Boyce said.

Current proposals call for the consolidation of zoning districts from 32 districts to 23; updated land uses for residential, and non-residential uses; and revised alcoholic beverage regulations.  The idea is to make current ordinances comply with current state codes and to make them more user friendly for citizens, zoning officials said.