Cedar Park nixes late fees at public library


Library late fees are a thing of the past, according to Cedar Park Council Member Heather Jefts, and the city council voted on Dec. 13 to eliminate late fees at the city’s public library. 

The fees previously ranged from 25 cents to two dollars per day, per item. Though late fees have been eliminated, those checking out items from the library will still have to pay for lost,  damaged or unreturned items. 

Speaking at the Nov. 15 council meeting, Jefts said she had read that libraries are trending away from charging late fees. The result has been an increase in late materials being returned as well as an increase in the number of people using those libraries. 

Cedar Park joins libraries in Georgetown and Pflugerville in eliminating late fees. 

The council also authorized an expenditure of more than $21,000 for a resident survey to be conducted in 2019. 

National Research Center, Inc. was selected to create and conduct the survey, which will include a random selection of 1,600 Cedar Park households. The survey will seek input on city services and community engagement. 

“We’ve never done one of these before, so this is really awesome. …” Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale said, adding that he’s pleased that the council is willing to take on the survey without fear of what kind of input might come from participating residents.

The survey is expected to begin in the spring and should take three or four months to complete, according to city documents.