Cedar Park PD urges safe driving during holidays


With the holiday season underway, the Cedar Park Police Department is ramping up enforcement efforts to keep local roads safe from impaired and distracted drivers.

“Thanksgiving is ordinarily one of the most hectic travel periods of the year, and our officers are urging motorists to remain safety-minded as they travel throughout the state,” the department said in a release.

From Friday, Nov. 16 through Saturday, Nov. 24, Cedar Park officers will be looking for drivers who are speeding, violating intersection and seat belt laws and driving distracted or impaired. City officials said the effort is part of Cedar Park’s goal to reduce traffic accidents during the holiday travels.

Drivers are encouraged to:

* Plan ahead

* Check for traffic updates prior to beginning a trip

* Limit distractions

* All occupants wear seatbelts

* Obey speed limits

* Designate a sober driver or take advantage of the many safe ways to get home after consuming alcohol.