Cedar Park Veterans Memorial Park adding two new statues


Thanks to a resolution passed by the Cedar Park City Council on Nov. 15, two life-sized statues of three military service members will be installed at the city's Veterans Memorial Park.

The council commissioned artist Matt Glenn of Big Statues LLC for installation in Veterans Memorial Park. One honors those who served in the Vietnam War and another honors veterans who served in modern-day Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

The memorial to Vietnam veterans will include two figures and has an approved cost of $77,800. The modern conflicts memorial depicts a single figure — a female helicopter pilot — and costs $38,900.

The total amount for both of the memorials will be $116,700, and will be paid for by public art funds.

The plans for the current expansion began with a single memorial to Vietnam War veterans back in February of this year. Council then collaborated with the city’s Parks, Arts and Community Enrichment Board for the possibility of adding female military members to the project.

“Women haven’t really been portrayed in their roles in the military in the movies; naturally we all know this,” Council Member Anne Duffy, a former United States Navy Nurse Corps Lieutenant, said in February. “Those untold stories have consequences for how Americans see women in uniform and how they see themselves.”

There are currently three statues in place at the park: one honoring World War I veterans, another honoring World War II veterans and a third honoring veterans of the Korean War. 

According to city documents, “the Cedar Park Veterans Memorial Park honors veterans past, present and future… by installing statues commemorating major modern military conflicts.”

The city’s Project Manager Kimberly Reese said that sketches of the two statues underwent revisions at the request of the city council. Glenn changed the weapons and boots of the Vietnam War statue and designed the helicopter pilot to look more feminine.

Six members of the council voted unanimously to commission the two statues with several members voicing their approval of the changes to both statues. Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale and Council Member Mike Guevara were absent from the Nov. 15 meeting.