Fire Station No. 5 opens in Cedar Park


Cedar Park officially opened its fifth fire station last Friday with a grand opening ceremony held by the city and Williamson County. The new station, Fire Station Number 5, opened after a line of city officials and fire station personnel uncoupled a fire hose and listened to the first sounds of station tones from emergency dispatchers.  

“What this means for Cedar Park is that we can now cover the north-central and north-eastern part of the city in the same manner as we’re covering the rest of the city,” said Cedar Park Fire Chief James Mallinger. With the new station, he said the fire department will now be able to effectively cover the entire city.  

The station is located at 1501 Cottonwood Creek Trail and will serve the northeast and north-central sections of Cedar Park. At around 13,250 square feet the station is one of the bigger fire stations constructed in Cedar Park. The facility will house both the Williamson County EMS and the fire department. 

The new fire station was a part of a wide-ranging bond package approved by voters in 2015. The bond authorized $96.7 million for a variety of initiatives, including road projects, public safety facilities, library improvements and park development. The segment of approved bond funds for Fire Station Number 5 came from Proposition 2, which proposed $7.55 million for the new station, an expansion of the police station and the completion of space in city hall for the Cedar Park Fire Administration. 

“Cedar Park is one of the safest places not only in Texas but the United States, for a suburb of this size. This allows us to make it safer,” Cedar Park Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale said. 

The building was constructed by Teal Construction, a national construction company based in Texas. The company was awarded a contract of around $5 million to build the station and completed the project for $4.43 million, saving $570,000. That saved money goes back to the city, but what they plan on doing with it is unclear.