"I Feel Pretty": Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


There's a moral to the story in Amy Schumer's latest comedy, "I Feel Pretty." Sadly, it gets a little lost in the delivery.

Renee (Schumer) is an average sized, average looking woman with massive self-esteem issues. She works at a Manhattan-based high-end makeup company called Lily LeClare, spending her days in the basement office away from the high rise headquarters, lamenting her fate to her unattractive and chubby fellow webmaster Mason (Adrian Martinez), and her evenings either holed up in her small apartment or with her equally average friends, played by Aidy Bryant and Busy Phillips. 

When a fall from a SunCycle bike knocks Renee unconscious, she wakes up to see herself in a whole new light — literally. She believes she has been gifted with the supermodel looks she's always dreamed of having. 

This (unfounded) belief that she looks completely different than before gives her new-found confidence, which leads to her taking risks she never would have before, including applying — and getting — her dream job at Lily LeClare, giving her number to someone she believes is hitting on her and stepping onto the stage in a bikini contest. 

While Renee sees something different in herself, others are just befuddled ... until they start responding. Renee thinks she’s amazing and soon, others start to think so, too. What Renee doesn’t realize is that people aren’t responding to her because she’s incredibly beautiful — it’s because of her newfound confidence. 

The movie, unfortunately, goes off track when Renee starts to believe her own hype, treating those she perceives to be less attractive poorly. In one scene, Renee — still believing the magic beauty transformation — inexplicably loses her confidence and begins to act more like the intimidated and insecure Renee from the movie’s beginning.

Michelle Williams plays Avery LeClare, the company CEO, who hates her squeaky voice, and Rory Scoval is Ethan — Renee’s Zumba-attending love interest — who is at first intimidated and then attracted by her confidence. Both characters remind us all that it’s not just regular women who feel insecure about themselves.

Even though "I Feel Pretty" goes off track a bit midway through, it’s still a funny flick that reminds us all that true beauty should be confidence in ourselves.