Krista Baty – Chance opportunity leads to unlikely path


It’s safe to say that there’s never a dull moment for Krista Baty. Not only is she the chief nursing officer at the Cedar Park Medical Center, but she is also the owner of FroYoz, the local frozen yogurt shop. Baty has been a nurse for 25 years, and for the last five has held the role of chief nursing officer. Most recently, Baty’s love of frozen yogurt led her to add small business owner to her already impressive title.

It was only early in the morning, before the chaos of the day settled in, that Hill Country News was able to catch up with Baty. 

HCN: What made you decide to buy FroYoz?

BATY: Great story. I’ve been a customer at FroYoz since they have been open, for about 5 ½ years. I had gone in on a Saturday night with some friends after going to see a movie and when I learned that they were closing in two weeks I was a little devastated. So my friends and I went and sat on the patio, ate our yogurt and I just kept going on about it. My favorite yogurt was here, what was I going to do now? My friends told me to let it go, but as we were getting ready to go I told them I needed to run back in. So I went back in and asked the manager, “If I give you my business card, will you just ask them to call me?” And he said, “Absolutely.” So that was Saturday and on Sunday we played phone tag. Monday was Labor Day and I called them back and talked about the business for a couple hours to Mr. Hearne [former owner of FroYoz] and ten days later we closed on the business and took over in late September.  So it was just one of those things. I’m a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason," and for some reason my love of yogurt brought me to be a small business owner of a FroYoz in our local community. 

HCN: How do you manage to balance it all?

BATY: It’s all about who you have around you. At both the hospital and FroYoz I have amazing teams. Interestingly enough, my assistant at the hospital works at the frozen yogurt shop too. I hesitated at first because I have always kept my professional life very separate from my personal life, but I thought why not have the person I trust most in my professional life help me out in my personal life. I have a great team at the hospital who are experienced and really come together to make sure that the hospital is running smoothly. 

My son, who is in college, and [my] husband help to run the store and my daughter, who lives in San Marcos, has trained to work over the breaks when she comes home from school. Even my youngest son has asked if he could get into the business.

It has been a joy having a business in the community. Even though we don’t live here – we live in Liberty Hill – I spend a lot of time here because of the hospital and I’m very involved with city events and chamber events and so it’s been a great crossover to connect the two worlds. I’ve had instant support from the city and the chamber because they knew me and I knew them from the hospital.