Leander approves microwave tower for police dispatch center


In April 2017, a contractor accidentally cut the lines to the City of Leander’s emergency dispatch system, causing all 911 calls to be rerouted to other agencies. It was the last of several similar instances for the city’s emergency services over the past several years.

The Leander City Council approved funds to purchase an expanded police department dispatch system at their May 17 meeting. The city budgeted $670,000 for the upgraded system but thanks to a co-op contract between the Houston-Galveston Area Council and Motorola, the city was able to purchase  the system for $604,000, a $67,000 savings.

The Leander Police Department dispatch system currently uses a T1 link with no backup so if it stops working, all 911 calls must be re-routed to Cedar Park, Williamson County or another emergency services department. The new system expands the city’s dispatch coverage capability and uses microwave transmission with a backup Ethernet system. 

“This should reduce any potential for loss of connectivity once it's up and running,” Leander Public Information Officer Mike Neu said.

Leander Public Safety Systems Administrator Stuart Smith said the tower will be built behind the police department and construction should being in about eight weeks.

“We’re hoping to have everything done by October,” Smith said.