LETTER: Mayors prayer breakfast isn't offensive


To the editor: 

In the March 15 edition of the Hill Country News, a gentleman, Brian Bolton, write in concerning the, "First Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast" to express his concern that elected government officials, were not engaging the county residents in making decisions for all the county in having this Prayer Breakfast. 

He said, "This observance clearly constitutes an affront to all religious minorities in the county, especially Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, as well as nontraditional believers and non believers"...  But I will simply say what most of the world knows, America was FOUNDED on the religious Christianity, that of God and His Son Jesus, that is what seems an affront to most people.

The religions that were mentioned there have their own way of worshiping in their religion. In many countries Christians are not allowed to even carry a Bible or practice their religion. So let's not take away in America the right of Christians to have a time of prayer for our country and the world, when others gather as they can and worship as they want. Towns across America are TOLD to take down crosses in Veterans Memorial and other areas or be sued. So what seems to really be an affront to some people is Christianity itself. I wonder why crosses are a problem in America, the land of the free and home of the brave? 

Mary Delaware