LETTER: Mr. Hahn gets it wrong in his letter


Dear Editor,

I read with interest the letter printed in last week’s paper by Mr. David Hahn, responding to a column by Carl Golden about President Trump’s treatment of the media. Here are my thoughts: 

The American media has, and has for many decades, been the watchdog and check on the power of those in government and business. From exposing Watergate to the Pentagon Papers to the rampant sexual abuses and coverups in the Catholic Church, the work of a free press has often been assailed by those exposed for misdeeds as "fake news" and that hasn't changed at all in the last year and a half. 

It is very clear that the intent of the media is to report the news regardless of whether the White House likes it or not and in the face of repeated lies by the administration. 

Whenever Trump or his employees cry "fake news," my first thoughts are: “I wonder what the press found out that the government trying to hide from us?” We know Trump and Sanders spout easily debunked lies constantly.

These factors lead to a loss of credibility for those in the administration. People aren’t buying it. They know better than to believe Trump. Even those who like his policies know better than to believe his lies. 

Mr. Hahn says "so much progress" has been made by the Trump administration. I guess he forgot that Trump’s “biggest tax cut in American history” is projected to raise the deficit to $1 trillion by 2020. The tax cut benefited the wealthiest Americans and caused historic deficits. Republicans have already said they’ll have to cut social security and veterans benefits programs to pay for it. 

Wages are at a level equivalent to 1974. Corruption is rampant. Health care costs have risen. Inflation has increased. And North Korea hasn’t followed through on its end of Trump’s “amazing” deal.

The only reason Trump can remain in office is if his “base” continues to believe, in the face of evidence to the contrary, that this administration is trying to help them. Ultra-wealthy power brokers have benefited the most from Trump’s presidency, and will do anything they can to keep him in office.

The media is doing its job, and with some exceptions, doing it well by exposing the misdeeds, corruption, and chaos going on in our White House. As I’ve often heard repeated, the news can’t be fake if it’s true.

Julie Neighbors

Cedar Park