LETTER: The needy are often stubborn and slothful


To the editor:

In Chuck Robison’s “Little White Lies We Tell Ourselves,” the quote by Stephen Colbert he used in his article that “...we are to love the poor and serve the needy without condition…” is wrong. 

Whether in the Old or New Testaments, Christ knew then as he knows now there were truly needy people while at the same time there were those with the ingenuity for being needful by choice. Look up Proverbs 6, 13, 24 and Jeremiah 5, they teach against sloth, stubborn laziness, and how the rebelliously lazy will be dealt with. In Leviticus 19, the poor are given the right to glean the fields of the wealthy themselves implying they work. 2 Thessalonians 3, teaches that if you will not work you will not eat.

God’s whole word (not just the parts of it the Robisons and Colberts like to distort and take out of context) also teaches about the poor receiving justice. That implies that when the poor are wrong or at fault then they should be judged no differently than the wealthy morally, and if appropriate civilly or criminally. 

Next time you’re stopped at an intersection and some able bodied person with a cardboard sign nears your vehicle roll down your window. Ask him or her if they would be interested in a real job. Then watch for their reaction. Nine times out of ten it’s a display of just the kind of stubborn slothfulness the triune God of the Bible taught against.

No doubt there are needy people who cannot care for themselves. We should always do all we can to provide for them, but never forget that there will be little patience or mercy for the pretenders that will appear before Him for final judgment.

Rick Habecker, Cedar Park