Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor: 

Faith column writer Dale Chrisman didn’t have a contact number at the end of his column. I only got as far as the first two paragraphs before I sensed I was reading similar unenlightened nonsense found in the pages of the Austin tabloids.

The election and the coverage were similar. At the polls there were no indications as to the political affiliation of the candidates nor their incumbency.

After learn (sic) who the incumbent (sic) were I voted against them as I would have the other candidate (sic) who ran opposed.

Cedar Park seems to be following the lead of the reprobate den of iniquity to the south in the matter of growth for the sake of growth and damn the consequence regarding gridlock traffic and the incorrigible stink that residents of Austin seem to have gone nose blind to.

I saw all that coming 20 years ago, before I was priced out of the cesspool of humanity, when Kirk Watson came up with his pandering catch phrase (sic) of Smart Growth and City of Ideas.

Now the parasitic scourge has morphed north bringing its Liberal Psychosis with it. 

I voted for for a different agenda but the classic timeless lyrics of The Who still ring true. “Meet the New Boss, Same as the old boss...” — The Who, “Won’t Be Fooled Again.”

Kurt Standiford

(via email)