Students and staff play for laughs in variety show


When the lead counselor at Cedar Park High School had the choose between telling the audience how hot her boss was or eating a squid, she ate the squid. 

The episode was part of a gameshow segment during “Cedar Park Tonight,” a variety show staged last Thursday at Cedar Park High School’s Performing Arts Center. Attended by around 100 people, the show featured a collection of various skits, videos and performances showing off talent at the school.  

Divided into two acts containing 21 segments, Thursday’s performance marked the third year that the school’s broadcast team produced the show. 

“The variety show was born out of our former talent show. The idea of changing it up was to add more dynamic elements like those late show games you see on Fallon or James Corden. We wanted to mix talent with program performances and activities to have a packed night the best of CPHS with lots of laughs,” said Anthony Garcia, the school’s broadcast adviser. 

Some segments during the performance were directly inspired by those on late-night shows. The fourth segment of the night was “Carpool Karaoke,” where, in a video shown at the theater, five teachers sang along in a car to songs like “Eye of The Tiger” by Survivor. Another segment was “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” where participants could choose to answer tough, embarrassing questions or eat gross food. Both are based on popular segments from “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” 

“Cedar Park Tonight is a fun, light-hearted show that showcases the fun and humorous side of faculty and students at Cedar Park. It brings together a lot of different groups at the school, so the show caters to everyone,” said Iriyana Lipkin, executive producer of Cedar Park Tonight. 

The night was not without its fair share of production issues, however. During a video segment showcasing sports at the high school, the monitor had problems displaying the video. The segment was quickly scrapped, and the show went on. 

“As expected, we had some kinks and needed to make adjustments in the moment, but the producers remained calm and were quick thinkers to switch up segments. Though that can be stressful to some, I think it really excited the students and kept their adrenaline pumping all night,” Garcia said.