Taking a closer look at middle school attendance zones


Part of being in a growing district is adjusting to increased student enrollment. As reflected in our annual demographic update from Population and Survey Analysts, the northern part of LISD continues to experience tremendous interest in houses, families and students.

To accommodate the northern growth, we are making plans to open a new elementary school, Larkspur ES, later this year. The following school year, Danielson Middle School will open across Collaborative Way from Glenn High School.

Ahead of Danielson Middle School’s 2020 debut, our Board of Trustees will consider middle school attendance boundary adjustments to balance district resources. LISD recently surveyed our community to gauge its priorities when considering attendance zoning parameters. Below are our next steps what comes next:

  • LISD staff will present the community feedback results to the Board at its Feb. 7 meeting.
  • District staff will then develop possible attendance zoning scenarios and present them to the Board of Trustees at consecutive scheduled meetings.
  • Board will recommend a scenario to be presented to the community for feedback.
  • Staff will present the recommended scenario to the community at two public feedback meetings.
  • Staff will summarize feedback to present to the Board for review.
  • Board will review feedback.
  • The staff will make the necessary adjustments and present again to the Board.
  • Board will adopt zoning that will take effect the year the school opens.

For more information about the Leander ISD attendance zone adjustment process, please visit We hope you will stay engaged as we work to efficiently distribute district resources across our ever-expanding district.