The Deal Is Still On!


When you are a high achiever, getting things done is what you do. In moments of productivity there is nothing worse than realizing you missed something significant and the deadline has passed. Sometimes in life, we put a deadline on dreams or lose hope in relationships or possibly, what we have been striving for doesn’t happen within a reasonable window we become disappointed and discouraged.

The Bible teaches us in Genesis — in the beginning of time, the earth was without form and void, darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. The word form in its original Hebrew is tohuw, which means formless and unreal. The word void in Hebrew is — Bohuw which means waste.

When you were formed in your mother’s womb, God created you for a specific purpose.

Just as God established mass and matter and incorporated it into creation; just as God brought life to what was formless, unreal and at waste — He can restore our life. You might feel you have wasted time or that time has passed you up, but I want you to know God will fill the void, formless, and wasted areas. Notice in the text it says, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and life came back. The word moved in the Original Hebrew means to shake. The Spirit of God can shake off areas that have hindered your progress and success.

Do you need the Spirit of God to move over areas of your life? Maybe it’s every piece of your life. He can, and He will. The delays, denials, blocked door; God will use that for your good. What has held you back the Lord is shaking off. The irritability and pain that keeps revisiting you, ask the Spirit of God to sweep over those areas. The doubt, tiredness, discouragement, embarrassment and self-defeating thoughts ask God to renew your mind. Joseph was 30 years old when his dream came to pass. Moses was 80 years old and King David was almost 40 when they had significant success. Mary, the mother of Jesus was 15 years old when she carried the Savior of the World. The dream is inside you. The deal is still on.

The redeeming power of Jesus Christ restores promises, relationships, broken hearts, hopeless minds, tired souls and anything formless, void and wasted. God never left you. He has not forsaken you. At times we feel He’s far, we need to check our hearts because it’s us that slips further and further away. Today God is calling you close to Him. He’s sending you the message the deal is still on. The dream inside of you is not dead. He wants to awaken what the enemy has put to sleep. His mercy runs deep, and His blood reaches the lowest of valley.

You were created to impact, influence and inspire. People are waiting on you to fulfill your purpose. Heaven is on assignment to turn the tide in your favor even now. In the Bible, David asked the Lord to fill his cup. Today ask the Lord to fill your cup. I declare life into broken dreams and hope into promises. The deal is still on! May your cup be filled with favor, victory and wisdom. You are loved, appreciated, highly favored, over coming, victorious, and winning in life! The deal is still on!