Leander Councilor blocked from discussing council's new public comment rule

The Leander City Council voted Thursday to block further discussion of their new, controversial public comments rules using a procedural maneuver, bringing into question their repeated claims the new rules would not silence anyone. 

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Tensions rise quickly over Gearing's recommendation to remove Goal 1 from District Improvement Plan

Leander Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Bruce Gearing launched an early test of his relationship with trustees.

Thursday night, he recommended throwing out Goal 1 of the District Improvement Plan.  Some board members, however, disagreed with the recommendation, and tensions rose quickly throughout the discussion.

Goal 1 relates  to improving STAAR test results by 3 percent.


The 10 Proposed Amendments Explained

With election day starting on November 5, Texas residents will get to vote on which newly proposed amendment will be implemented into the Texas Constitution. There will be a total of 11 amendments …

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