Be resolute, be involved


The new year is upon us and for 2017 our plan should be to be resolute. 

There’s no more room to be on the sidelines in America, watching the country rush by as we sit in the comfort of our own lives. 

There is no more comfort zone. There is no more knowing that the problems we once watched on the evening news from around the world were simply that, around the world.

Whether we like or loathe the new political landscape in America, we have to recognize it is new and tenuous from both ends of the spectrum. We get involved and work to shape it or we tacitly endorse it. We must all be involved or risk truly being left out one day.

Resolve to get healthy, eat better, stop smoking, be on time and get organized, but alongside all those things, be resolute in your beliefs and resolve to fight for them.

Americans have traditionally allowed a small percentage of the population to do the heavy lifting. From running for office, organizing for an election, demonstrating for a cause or volunteering to get the message out, we can no longer think that the small percentage of activists will get the job done.

Conservatives can’t sit back and assume everything is going to be right because of the election. Liberals can’t resign themselves to thinking all is lost and not worth fighting for, for the same reason.

Not making a commitment to a belief or a path is signaling acceptance of the status quo or settling for less than we want from our country and its leaders.

We run the risk of being wrong or losing if we dedicate ourselves to what we believe is right or the cause we feel should prevail. Nothing is won without taking the risk of losing. As tiring as fighting the current might be, letting it carry us somewhere unknown leaves us responsible for where we

end up.