LETTER: Glad President Trump Calls the Media Out


Dear Editor,

I read Mr. Golden's editorial ("Trump's war on the press won't end well). Here are my thoughts on the matter. 

The American media has, and has had for many decades, two major problems:

1) Liberal bias

2) Inaccuracies

I am pleased that President Trump has repeatedly called the media industry out. "Fake news" is a result of these two problems. 

It is very clear that the intent of the media is to present news in a manner that seeks to influence public opinion. The media leans so far left that they have "fallen and can't get up." When an inaccuracy is introduced into a story my first thoughts are: "What else is wrong with this story? Is it really believable?" These factors lead to a loss of credibility for the media industry. People aren't buying it. They hit the off button. 

For Mr. Golden to state President Trump "still must deliver solutions to the economy, job creation, immigration, government spending, crime, and public safety" is evident of bias. Since President Trump took office, my life has been remarkably better. For more than seven years under Obama, I could find only temp jobs with low pay, zero benefits, and no stability or longevity. Now I have a stable job with good pay and full benefits. 

I guess Mr. Golden forgot about last years biggest tax cut in American history. It put over $1,200 back in my family's budget. 

The only reason the media can continue to attempt to exist is because of financing by ultra rich liberal interests generated by the likes of George Soros, the Cox sisters, the Blunderbergs. These people are bored by their billions. They desire control over the masses. What better way to do this than have their media holdings generate "fake news."

I just hit the off button.

David Hahn