Letter to the editor


Dear Editor, 

Texas public education funding is in a crisis and Lt. Governor Patrick is trying to make it worse. Public schools are already suffering from previous cuts in state funding. Now Patrick wants to pass a state law placing an arbitrary limit on a school district’s ability to raise property taxes to make up the difference. His property tax is similar to the California plan that destroyed their schools for decades. To make matters worse he is now calling for a taxpayer-money-for-private-school plan. The plan all but abandons a commitment to universal public education. Patrick’s plans are a disaster in the making and must be rejected. Unfortunately, our state senator, Charles Schwertner, was standing behind Patrick as made his latest call for vouchers on TV. Our elected officials need to hear from us opposing this vital issue. 

Senator Schwertner can be reached at charles.schwertner@senate.texas.gov. Representative Dale can be reached at tony.dale@house.texas.gov

 Jerry Goodrich

Cedar Park