Cedar Park, Leander, Wilco could spend over $10M combined on storm debris cleanup; Cedar Park, Leader have clear over 225K cubic yards of debris

Winter Storm Mara was an ice storm that only lasted a few days. But Cedar Park, Leander and other area cities are still cleaning up the unprecedented amount of broken tree branches and storm brush …

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Leander imposes Stage 3 water restrictions after BCRUA water restrictions

Leander imposed Stage 3 water restrictions last Friday in anticipation of the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) repairing yet another break in its 36-inch raw water intake pipeline. The …


TSA confiscated more than 6,500 guns from passengers last year

The Transportation Security Administration seized more than 6,500 guns from airplane passengers in 2022, a new record for the agency.TSA agents confiscated 6,542 guns — 88% of which were loaded — …

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Will the Fed go longer or higher? Maybe both

How will the US Federal Reserve wage its battle with inflation — by keeping interest rates elevated for longer, or by taking them even higher? Investors are fixated on this question, which has …