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Editorial: Charging the parents of school shooters should become standard practice

Prosecutors in the recent Michigan school shooting by a 15-year-old student that left four dead also have filed manslaughter charges against the shooter’s parents, whose gun he used. This …

Editorial: Veteran, politician, Kansan: We mourn Bob Dole — and his spirit of compromise

Robert J. Dole — war hero, senator, presidential candidate, Kansan — has died, at the age of 98. We offer condolences to his wife, Elizabeth, his family, and the many friends and …

Editorial: Why fentanyl? 

A paper clip. A dollar bill. A raisin. A stick of gum. These are all everyday objects that weigh, give or take, 1 gram. Now, pick one of these, and imagine dividing it into 10 pieces. Then take …
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Commentary: How About a Newspaper Subscription for Christmas?

My access to news narrowed dramatically when I was 10 years old. My mother’s boss passed away, so I no longer got to peruse his morning paper. And, despite my protestations about prying …

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