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Editorial: Changing the world — and public education — begins with civil discourse

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who had more than a few experiences with ignorance and hate, once observed that a person has very little morally persuasive power with those “who can feel your …

Editorial: Shining a new light on solar energy

Climate change has become "everybody's crisis," President Joe Biden declared as he inspected Hurricane Ida damage last week. And in fact, according to a Washington Post analysis, just this summer …

Editorial: Mislabeling plastic as recyclable defeats the purpose and damages the planet 

A bill passed last week by the California Legislature would ban manufacturers from putting the triangular chasing-arrows symbol, signifying that their plastic products and packaging are recyclable, …
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Analysis: Texas politicians are thinking what they think their voters think they should think

You might wonder why the top state leaders have supported restrictive voting legislation, ordered audits of elections they won, and passed laws that counter what most Texans think is the proper …

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    • LETTERS: Sweetheart deal

      Residents of Cedar Park will have an increase in their bills from PEC because CP has doubled the franchise fee from 2% to 4%. While causing …

    • LETTER: Conservatives only?

      I had not been to the YMCA in quite a while since COVID-19 started.Two weeks ago I thought I would try it again.  I walked into the exercise …